Religion is Beautifull

I Don’t know why but out off al my holiday pictures this one “pops out”, it is taken in a little Chapel in Lisbon. Maybe it’s just the combination of the tiles and the windows that is so fascinating.

It could also be under the circumstances we live. In Belguim there is a constant fear for attacks like the one at Brussel in march and Charleroi in june. Despite the hate we get from people who use religion an persue it in unhumane ways, i still think religion can be beautifull.



5 gedachten over “Religion is Beautifull

  1. This picture is gorgeous! You know, people that kill for their religion are believing in the wrong way. They went down the wrong path and hurt the people that are actually living in peace. They’re trying to start a war but sometimes situations like these bring people even closer. Everyone is trying to help out and that is the mentality we need to stick to. Beautiful message!

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